Christmas Cookies | 2023

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! This year, I’ve prepared a delightful assortment of traditional and classic Christmas Cookies from Germany, Austria and Hungary. Enjoy experimenting with my 2023 Christmas Cookies Recipes – Happy Baking!

This year's Christmas Cookies Recipes:

These festive Poppy Seed Cookies are an absolute eye-catcher and yet super easy and quick to prepare. They harmoniously combine the buttery sweetness with a lightly nutty poppy seed flavor. Simply delicious, they are an ideal Christmas treat that should not be missing from your Christmas cookie selection this year.

These Vanilla Crescent Cookies captivate with their perfect blend of finely ground almonds, bourbon vanilla, and butter. Their incredible delicacy, crumbly texture, and aromatic finesse make them truly irresistible. Thanks to a little trick in shaping the cookies, they are not only easy to prepare but also ready to serve in no time. As an unmistakable classic of Austrian Christmas Baking, they should not be missing from your cookie plate this year.

These Cinnamon Roll Cookies, with their delicious cinnamon-sugar filling and crisp sugar-coated edge, are truly heavenly. A delightful variation of the classic yeast dough pastry, now transformed into delightful cookies! A must-try for those who love the combination of cinnamon and sugar, these Christmas cookies are an absolute delight.

These delicious Heidesand Cookies are a classic treat, ideal for the festive Christmas season or year-round enjoyment with your favorite coffee or tea. The delightful blend of browned butter and sugar imparts a sweet and nutty flavor to these cookies. With a satisfyingly crisp bite, they delicately crumble in your mouth. The sandy texture is reminiscent of Northern German landscapes, drawing inspiration from the sandy soils of heath areas, which also inspired the name Heidesand (Heath Sand) Cookies.

These delicious Cinnamon Stars are soft, delicate cookies with a perfect balance of sweetness and spice. They bring together the ideal blend of ground almonds, crispy, sweet powdered sugar, and the warming aroma of cinnamon. The almonds give the Cinnamon Stars a fine texture and a delicate, nutty flavor. A true classic among German Christmas Cookies.


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